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Yes, It's Important To Answer Your Business Phone.

The telephone – an amazing invention that is still being used today.

Despite the uptick in other virtual methods of communication such as email, direct messaging, texting, contact forms, etc., telephone calls are still a daily part of life. Let’s dive into a few reasons why it is so very important to answer your business phone promptly…

First impressions are everything (well, almost). By answering the phone promptly, you are showing people that you value them. You value their time, the opportunity to do business, and the fact that they called you.

Onward! Let’s face it - reality is that one missed call equals one missed opportunity. Every time the phone rings, there is an opportunity to earn a new customer. By answering the telephone, you’re given the opportunity to greet someone, answer their questions, calm their anxieties (maybe they’ve never used the service or product you offer before and are unfamiliar), or maybe they’re all ready to do business and have heard great thing about your biz. Answering the phone is just as important when it comes to keeping existing customers happy. You want to show customers that you have already done business with that you appreciate their business and are there for them in the long run too. Keep them coming back for more (and they’ll tell their friends).

All of that brings us to the real question – why you haven’t been able to answer the phone regularly in the first place. Maybe you’re even having trouble finding the time to return missed calls. Or, maybe when you do, they’ve already gone with ‘the other guy’. So, how do you solve this dilemma? An answering service. One that puts a custom spin towards answering the phone for your business. They know your preferred greeting, they know the ins-and-outs of your services or products, they can set appointments or handle sending required electronic documents, and they answer the phone promptly and professionally, every time. One who’s customer service is top notch – where your callers will never know they’re an answering service and not just ‘your employee’. But where do you find this service?

That’s where Solution Savvy comes in. We put customer service high on our priority list. We want your customers to hear our smile through the phone, feel satisfied after their call has ended, and we want to free you up to get back to what you love about your business while we handle everything behind the scenes.

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