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Top 2 Types of Video for Social Media in 2020

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Live Videos

Live video is a great way to gain attention and engage with followers. Not only does live streaming promote engagement, it also allows you to communicate better with your audience in real time. Live videos work best in scenarios where something is happening ‘now’ that is exciting or new. Scenarios include product launches, anything that is ‘first time’ related, or even sneak peaks.

One thing to remember when it comes to live streaming is there are no do overs or editing! Have a plan or an outline and if possible, attempt to rehearse before you go live. People will be seeing and hearing everything in real time, raw and unedited. Do a run through on important things such as testing capabilities for your camera or volume beforehand to ensure no technical difficulties occur from the get go.

Additionally, if you are able to, attempt to get the word out on your live stream before-hand. Things like product launches or sneak peaks can be promoted prior to the day or time of the live stream. This will boost viewers and give your followers a chance to plan to watch.

Informative & Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos that provide ‘how to’ information or that are purely informative are gaining tread fast. As previously mentioned, it is best to ensure you have checked your good to go with no hidden technology issues before-hand.

Video content here should be interesting, clearly laid out, and relevant to either your products, services, or industry. One great way to develop this is to reach out to your followers and find out what it is they may like to know or hear about in relation to your products or services. Once you’ve got the topic nailed on, pre-plan the information you want to include, an outline is definitely a good idea. What you want viewers to know and understand should be presented first. An ideal length for videos of this nature should be around 2-3 minutes.

The best way to end a video of this nature is with a specific request or call to action. You want people to do what with the information you have just given them? Contact you, leave feedback, share with their friends? Now is the time to say so!

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