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Top 3 Ways to Stay Connected in Business During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting challenges for businesses, their owners, and their customers when it comes to staying busy and connected. Right now, much is unknown about when you’ll be getting back to or settled into your new normal. Because of all of these unknowns, it is important that you use what you have to stay connected to your advantage. Whether your business is completely shut down or services are merely limited, it is important to keep in touch with your customer and client base throughout this time. It is important that those who are connected to your business, whether they are customers or clients, employees or vendors, they feel as though they are still connected and valued, even from afar. Here are a few simple and effective ways you can keep communication lines open and working relationships growing.

1. Social Media.

In the world today, social media is a great way to get information out to everyone who is connected to (or interested in) your business, daily! With multiple different platforms to use, there is no limit to the amount of information you can share or when you can share it. If you are hosting live streams, running specials for business, or making changes in your hours of operation or services offered, social media is a great way to keep everyone in the know.

2. E-Newsletters or Email Updates.

Sometimes information regarding business practices is more confidential or on a need to know basis. Perhaps this involves when you’ll be making specific transitions, holding virtual meetings, or offering specific specials to vendors to accommodate business needs; whatever the reason, E-newsletters are fantastic ways to get information out to those who need to know while avoiding over sharing to the public.

3. Pick Up the Phone!

For this last one, we are rolling old school. There is no downplaying how important the old school method of simply picking up the phone and calling someone really is. You probably have a handful of connections whether they are customers, clients, employees, or vendors, that deserve and require a personal connection. A phone call can serve as a great way to provide time to answer any important questions people may have directly while giving the impression that whoever is on the other end of that line is important to you and your business. Nurture those important relationships and pick up the phone. Keep those relationships growing so that when your business opens back up, they come out of it stronger than ever.

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