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Getting Your Groove Back at Work After the Holidays.

Dreading getting back into your groove at work after the Holidays? We totally get it. Allow us spin it this way for a boost of motivation: Productivity at work means money. Money means Christmas, vacations, parties etc. No Work means no nada.

Right then, moving on. We’ve got three spectacular ways to not only get back in your groove at work after the Holidays but be better than you were when you left for them!

Dedicate time to your Inbox

  • Dun dun dun! The dreaded Inbox. This sucker is gonna undoubtedly try to overwhelm you from the get go. Just breathe. They aren’t going to bite or give you nightmares so just sit back, grab some caffeine, and let yourself take them one by one. Once your purge is complete, you’ll feel 100 times better about who’s wanting what, what’s happening where, and if it’s a priority for you or not. This will simply and effectively create a smooth start when it comes to getting back into your groove after the Holidays.

Make a list of priority Tasks or Projects

  • We’re fairly certain you have a lot on your plate the moment you get back from Holiday vacay. No doubt about it. You’ve got some stuff that was tabled before you left, projects that were started and paused, and new requests or opportunities that have come in since then. Having gone through your Inbox will already have you half way there. Weave together prior to the Holidays projects with what’s came in since then using levels of importance and deadlines alike. You’re really getting your groove on now!

Don’t forget to breathe.

  • Clearly with the prior to suggestions on how to get your groove back at work after the Holidays, we aren’t exactly messing around. We do mean business. On the other hand, we know that it’s possible to move into your groove well without stressing yourself out either. The key to it is: don’t take your sweet time but don’t rush and try to conquer all of this at once either. Trying to do too many things at once and not seeing one thing through (bouncing back and forth) means wasted time, and wasted time means a busted groove! Remember: Breathe, and maybe invest in a stress ball or five. We're joking.

Cheers to a new and prosperous groove that has you dancing your way into 2019!

#Productivity #Efficiency

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