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Top 2 Social Media Trends for 2018

2017 brought a lot of change to the Social Media game, as it does every year. Business owners,

entrepreneurs, and investors alike, always working to stay on the tails of the ever-changing beast.

Social Media can serve a variety of purposes depending on what person, company, industry or otherwise is using it. Among a longer list of trending and arising Social Media factors, there are two top contenders we’re expecting to bring big things to the table in 2018.

  1. Live Streaming

We mentioned previously that we’ve narrowed this down from a longer list of ‘arising’ trends. Live Streaming exploded in 2017 and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing. In fact, we expect this trend to sky rocket through 2018. Factually: 81% of folks watching out there would rather watch a live video than a page long Blog or generic social post. The shift we see is: both users and brands have become so familiar and enthralled, this will now become the ‘norm’. Therefore, it will be something that is a ‘given’ in a consumer’s mind via Social Media. Ready to launch a new product, announce the winner in a giveaway, or simply advertise to your already existing base? Scratch that constant scheduled posting and mix it up with live streaming! People have proven that stimulating their minds is what triggers engagement. Live streaming is driving engagement to another level.

2. Advertising

First comes a user base, then comes revenue. It’s this way with brands or small business AND with Social Media platforms today. We see the established social media giants (Facebook, Twitter)

securing their long lives with their ever-growing popularity regardless of industry, location, religion, etc. But when that feat is met, the next step is revenue. After all, a lot of work goes into what Facebook is today vs when it first hit the web. While we’ve seen an increase over the last year, we’ve also made gigantic improvements in the benefits that go along with it. Advertising with giants today means really honing in on your ‘target audience’ and reaching farther than you’d potentially ever imagined.

Now, more goes into a successful Social Media campaign than a few live streaming blips and an advertisement or two. Consistency, originality, voice, reach etc. are just some factors helping to define your Social Media presence. Keeping yourself at the top of your game, dominating within your Industry or brand is where you want to be in 2018 and we’re guessing that these big fish will help you stay there or get there if you aren’t already.

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