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Resume Types: Chronological, Functional, Combination

There are several types of resumes out there to use when applying for jobs. Certain resumes will better suit your specific needs, depending on the job or industry you are going for and your work history. The most popular types of resumes are chronological, functional,

and combination.

Take a look at what job you are applying for, how it relates to your work history and skill set, and then proceed to determine which one will do the trick.

Let’s briefly go over each type of resume and how each one works…

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is a common resume, used to display your work history from most recent all the way back “X” amount of years. We say “X” because the length of desired work history can vary from employer to employer. Typically, history anywhere from seven to ten years, sometimes up to 15 years is desired. This makes it easy for employers to know when you worked somewhere and for how long, easily. A chronological resume works best for those with a solid work history in a consistent industry or field.

Functional Resume

A functional resume speaks from its title. The function of this resume is to play on your experience and skills first. Rather than having a work history present first thing, a functional resume will display a section regarding Experience or Accomplishments where your skills and relevant experience will be showcased.

A functional resume is commonly utilized by those who are looking to distract from gaps in work history or the current desire to change careers. If you have a little work experience, a functional resume may suit your needs best as well. This is because the functional resume highlights your skills instead of your work history. You can highlight your skills to showcase that you are qualified for the job.

Combination Resume

Here we have exactly what you may have assumed from the title, a combination of resume styles. A combination resume brings together the ability to showcase your skills and experience while listing your work history too. Do take note however that the work history is not a lengthy portion on this type of resume and should not use much space. This is useful as most employers prefer to know your chronological work history.

A combination resume showcases why you are the most qualified applicant and best fit for the job while providing other desired information to the employer.

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