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Inlander Restaurant Week

Solution Savvy’s Inlander Restaurant Week Top 3 Picks

We’re big foodies around here and every year we drool with anticipation waiting for The Inlander Restaurant Week. To sum it up, we’re talking 7 days chock full of deals on local eats and libations! Whether you have a favorite restaurant you want to score a deal on a 3-course meal at or you’re looking to try something new – The Inlander Restaurant Week surely has something for you. We’re coming in hot hot hot with our top 3 Picks, some we already know and some we want to get our wrap our taste buds around:

1898 Public House

We love delicious, classic, American cuisine. 1898 intrigued us with the idea of a ‘fresh twist, while using the finest ingredients.’ Each course gives you a choice of 3 options and believe us when we say, it won’t be an easy choice. We’re ready to go in head strong with solid choices this upcoming week. A delicious 3 course meal including Kale & Brussels Sprout Salad, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, and finally a slice of Mascarpone Cheesecake awaits us. We’re already drooling…

The Backyard

We’re big fans of a good neighborhood pub and The Backyard is the place! While we’ve indulged here previously on many occasions, restaurant week has us heading back once more. Seeing as we already know how amazing eats here are, we knew right away that any choice would be a right one. Taquitos are on the menu for a First Course. Who doesn’t love a tortilla stuffed with all the good stuff Mexican food is traditionally made of? Next up, it was between the Backyard Burger or Fish Tacos. We’ve had the burger and it’s THAT good! But for the sake of being amazed with something new, we’re looking to sink our teeth into Backyard Fish Tacos. Mahi Mahi please! And as we all love childhood nostalgia, we’re going to give the Third Course a whirl by trying out the ‘Not Your Father’s Float’. We loved root beer floats as kids and never really outgrew them!

JJ’s Tap and Smokehouse

Last but certainly not least, we’re stoked to get down on some local BBQ! Locally owned, family friendly AND 26 beers on tap – JJ’s came across as a triple threat. We’re anticipating Spring with all our might around here so the Spring Mix salad looked like the right choice for our first course. They sealed the deal with a tempting strawberry champagne vinaigrette. Next up, we’re going to come hungry to try their Barbecue Beef Brisket Sandwich – this puppy is boasting Dry Fly Whiskey barbecue sauce and we can’t miss that! After all those delicious eats, we’re going to need something sweet to wrap up the evening and what better than dessert? For the third course, JJ’s has a signature dessert called a ‘dirty snow ball’. Described as, ‘coffee flavored ice cream rolled in Heath Candy Bar crumbles drizzled with chocolate sauce and whipped cream topping’ we just can’t pass that up!

Alright folks, there you have it. We’ve scoped out Inlander Restaurant Week’s choices and these are our Top 3 Picks. Our bellies are rumbling and our mouths are watering. Maybe we’ll see you there…but don’t count on us sharing - we don’t play with our food.

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