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4 Tips to Up Your Social Media Game

We're all in the game to do our best, to be the best and most authentic version of ourselves, so why not market your service or product the same way? Appear genuine to your target audience and adapt to the needs of your customers and clients by upping your social media game with these 4 tips:

1. Gain “Street Cred” with Social Media Mentions

Approach people who have a strong relationship with your product or service, and inquire about them ‘mentioning’ you on their platforms. People love to use what their favorite companies, celebrities or brands recommend to them. If your customer is well-known to the public eye and has a solid reputation, their recommendations will be the best ‘word of mouth’ marketing yet!

2. Be Seen by Wandering Social Media Eyes

Use Facebook Ads to be seen by the audience who matters most to you. Now it is easier than ever to only market to your target audience via Facebook. Your target audience is those who benefit most

from your product or service. This ensures that not only are all the right people seeing your ad (as it relates to them), but you are actually saving money and effectively spending at the same time.

3. Keep on Keeping on!

Consistency is key. You need to stay on top of quality & quantity in the social media game. People who follow you have found a reason to and it leaves them wanting more. Engagement is key. Get people to engage with you by taking small steps such as asking questions within your posts, holding contests, conducting polls or encouraging user generated content. You want to put out good content and continuously engage with those who like, comment or share your material.

4. Don’t Just Sell

Don’t always just sell your product or promo, tell your customers something new and beneficial without the sales perspective too. Share a positive story, a customer experience or even some office shenanigans too. People love genuine. Another great way to promote your product or service is by show casing it, then simply and quite literally, ‘telling’ people to engage. If you have two similar products or services, showcase them both and give an ultimatum, “Share this post if you like Product A or Like if you prefer product B”. People love to tell you what they like or don’t like. This is a common trend in many social media Sponsored Ads on Facebook because it is an easy way to promote and get more social media engagement.

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