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Meetings: Major Movement or Minor Motivator?

It’s no new concept that meetings are necessary in order to discuss business, collaborate on methods, develop new ideas, or increase knowledge. However, the amount accomplished in a meeting can vary greatly. Some meetings are called with the greatest intentions only to turn out to be unorganized, chaotic and filled with more chit chat than necessary. This offers no real benefit to the company and takes away from productivity itself instead of developing ways to increase it.

Is your meeting a major movement forward or a minor motivator that leaves employees out of time and without a sense of production or purpose?

Indulge in these sure fire ways to ensure your next meeting is focused, productive and worth the time they take:

  • Create an Agenda.

Come up with a bullet point list that outlines the topics and issues that will be discussed. This will help you stay focused and not miss anything important.

  • Begin and End your meeting accordingly.

Meetings that go over board are often time the result of too much chatter. Meetings are called to increase productivity and knowledge. A loss in productivity is the result for you and your employees.

  • Encourage participation.

Do not allow more outspoken members of your staff to control and dominate the conversation. Manage this and encourage opportunities for everyone to contribute.

  • Address, Decide, and Move On.

Make important decisions without over thinking and creating extra unnecessary time consuming dialogue.

  • Don’t Meet Without a Reason

Ensure that you have sufficient means to disrupt your work place and employee’s workflow. If employees can be notified of a change or new development via email without the need for sufficient discussion and Q&A, do so.

  • Limit Distractions

If you need the phones to be answered or customers who walk in to be greeted, make sure you have a solid way to get this done without having to stop your meeting every time. Not every meeting may require every staff member from every departments presence so choose plan accordingly. The less distractions and interruptions, the more productive your meeting will be.

Not every meeting will always go precisely according to plan, but you can make a good dent in eliminating wasted time when you implement these.

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