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Virtual Assistants: Phone Answering Guru’s

Besides the most apparent benefits of having a Virtual Assistant (saving money & gaining time) there are specifics benefits to each service they provide. Today we’re touching base on Phone Answering.

Phone answering is critical to ANY business. When customers are not walking in the front door of an office or store to be assisted, their first point of contact with a customer is via telephone. Think of this as a first impression – you want it to be positive, you want it to stand out, and also to accommodate the customers’ needs so as to leave them feeling satisfied. A bad first impression never leaves a good taste on anyone’s tongue! A good first impression is likely to stick and give someone cause to share their fantastic experiences to others. This means positive feedback by word of mouth which generates return customers and turns those hearing the story into new customers.

Here are some benefits of having Phone Answering done by a Virtual Assistant:

  • Never Miss a Call! This goes right back to the basics and main point we’ve covered in previous Blogs as well: missing a call means missing an opportunity. You need someone to answer all your calls, friendly and efficiently so as to seize every opportunity to gain a new customer or client.

  • Peace of Mind. We can imagine it must be hard to ‘let go’ and allow someone else to contribute to the fore front of your business and be the first point of interaction for your customers, but we can assure you that you can leave these duties to your new Virtual Assistant without worry. Go on about business as you need to- attend those meetings and luncheons all while knowing that everything ‘back at the office’ is taken care of!

  • Knowledge! Our Virtual Assistants go above and beyond to learn what it takes to accommodate your business and customer needs on every call. We take a hard look at your company’s specific call needs and ensure we have a call process in place that specifically addresses all of them, ensuring a great call experience, every time.

  • Efficiency. As we mentioned prior, our VR’s are here to handle all of your calls efficiently. We do not substitute quality for quantity either! We believe in tailoring a call process to fit your company needs perfectly so as to ensure that all time on the phone with a customer or potential client is used as best as it can be. Nobody enjoys nor benefits from a long, drawn out conversation where time is only wasted and productivity is lacking.

Now, take a moment to reflect on the above mentioned benefits of having a Virtual Assistants to do your Phone Answering. Are your currently calls being handled with care, warmth, knowledge and are they being processed efficiently so as to leave your customer feeling overall satisfied? If you’re hesitating at all, it’s time to pass the reigns over to a Virtual Assitant today!

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