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Social Media in the New Year

Ever year brings new changes. This is true in all aspects of life whether it is personal or work related. With time comes knowledge, expertise and along the way, new Social Media Platforms and trends. Things seem to get bigger and better as we go along, trial and error producing the newest and latest of everything. We’ve compiled a few different aspects of Social Media that we feel are going to contribute to the scene in the New Year:

  • Facebook. It is becoming more evident as time goes on that the amount of page fans actually seeing the posts from “liked” pages is decreasing steadily. We see a significant increase in the promoted Ads and Pages on the horizon.

  • Twitter. The ideal advertising options desired by smaller companies is growing on Twitter and showing no sign of slowing. The likelihood of many others joining in on the fun is promising considering the variety of options to pay for specific alternative actions other than the typical clicks or tweets.

  • Google+. While we love Google and certainly back up the fact that it has loads to offer, we also recognize the fading desire to utilize Google+ as we drift into the New Year. While Google Reviews for Business remain, the various offerings that Google+ brings to the table are already conquered and old news via other outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Instagram. Who doesn’t love Instagram? And for that matter, who has noticed how big of a presence Instagram has become since 2013? As per the Social Media Marketing Industry report, 42% of marketers want to increase their use of Instagram this year, compared to a lighter 38% two years prior.

  • A Key Common Aspect: Shopping. Within all of the previous for mentioned changes on the most popular social media platforms in 2015, there is one thing they all share in common and that is the hunger of the consumers that comprise the millions of users visiting these platforms daily. Facebook promotes pages and ads more than ever, Twitter is providing more options for advertising to small and medium businesses alike, and Instagram is dominating the idea of social media marketing as we head into the New Year. ALL of these lead right to the wallets of consumers around the world.

To answer your lingering question, No – we are not psychic, we don’t read palms and we didn’t do any crazy sort of rituals to come to these conclusions. We’ve patiently stalked the social media trends throughout the year and paid attention to what we’re seeing. Thus, we arrived at what to be expect for the New Year. Lei Jun once said, “Things get much easier if one jumps on the bandwagon of existing trends.” What say you? Are you going to follow Social Media trends into the New Year or do you have a pre-existing notion of what is and isn’t going to dominate in the New Year?

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